Thursday, July 1, 2010

Absorbing What I Already Know

Cutting the grass again
Only this time it is in answer
To my need to be engaged
Doing something
Moving with only my energy
And the lay of the land to guide me.
Walking in a loop
Preferring to find all my corners rounded
following the circles of my thoughts.
Around and around they cycle back
Making an extended
Concentric web
Of love
Around Emmett
Our 4-year old cat.

Yup, going blind
All the way and fast
Says the doc.
Not quite there yet, though.
Still seeing about 20 percent of light in one eye
Or so he thinks.
Following sound and smell
Gently maneuvering with whiskers
Brushing the sides and edges of things
Cold wet nose touches my leg gently
Before he rubs his full side body.
Emmett purrs in his never-very-loud voice
Just to be in the same space
Where I am sitting on my yoga mat.

What is it to be a cat with no eyes
Yet can still catch a fly – if it moves.
Must be the sound that tips him off.
Since he was very young he descended gradually
Paws reaching for what might be there below him
Though did not stop climbing onto desks
Or up into trees
Or on top of refrigerators.
Lately he has given up the refrigerator.
His world darkens, or does it just become gray?
The doc couldn’t say.

Mourning for a life he will not have
My husband reminds me
That Emmett gets the life he gets
Just like we do.
And he does have us
Here and now
Weaving this web of love
In every space in which he finds himself
Giving him as much freedom as he can bear.
Today we agreed to let him continue going outside
Only in daylight and when we are near.
Besides he can go in and out by himself
With our neat swinging door
Until he can’t.
And that day may come too.

In Savasana sometimes I offer images
To students whose eyes are closed
But whose minds are open.
Perhaps for Emmett I can do the same.
At times when he is in his car box
I bring up images of the grass where we are going
Of the way the light filters through the leaves
Of the sounds and smells from the porch
And he purrs from the back seat.
My practice will be with eyes closed this evening.
Feeling my own feet on earth
Finding my heart beating,
Listening for my breath.

Cherishing this opportunity
To offer all there is of love
What changed today was in the mind
The heart has been here all along
Making sounds
To guide the blind.


  1. Animals allow us to express such a degree of love. I think they have a purpose for us. I feel for you at this time and I hope that Emmett can adjust to this change in his life.

    I read something recently about animals:

    There seems to be something about animals this month that is important for many of you. The animal world is communicating with the human world in all kinds of ways right now. The animal world is very much involved in all of your Enlightenment process and they are giving you messages both by representing themselves as metaphors, but also there are personal animals appearing to you on an individual level to get your attention.

    It seems relevant right now.

  2. the animal bond is so deep. it took me until zach was 10 to get a dog. i remember the heartache i felt when a pet died that i wasn't sure i could go through that again. but to deny zach the incredible pleasure of lucy wasn't really an option.

    i think emmett is one lucky cat to have you....someone to care for him so deeply and care for him so thoughtfully. you will be his eyes.