Monday, September 20, 2010

Mass is just a form of energy

I am delighted to accept that we are nothing but interactions of patterns woven in a web. Maybe it isn't important whether this left hip opens so much, or if I fall out of a standing balance when I close my eyes. Perhaps this constantly moving, shimmering breathing body is truly just as Eastern mystics and advanced physics posit: a form of energy for me to use to explore this impermanent moment. I do not have to cling to making anything happen. I am not invested in looking a part or wearing a mantle of wisdom and grace. The fact that I exist in this moment is remarkable enough for me to celebrate my little coagulation of energy.

I cannot predict what my life will be in three days or in two years nor describe what my dreams will be tonight. What I know is that where I draw my attention, my awareness goes. On the yoga mat I am learning to experience truth, and to use my breath to keep me right there, in the experience without the judgment and attachment that deadens me to the moment itself. As moving energy, there is no duality, only the story of duality added by the beautiful human mind. And I can appreciate that without attaching to it.

It seems to me that on the yoga mat I am everything and nothing. My breath has no hierarchy. My heart beat has no ulterior motive. My amusement knows no rules, my heart opens to the floor and the sky, the cold nose of my blind cat, the waft of cool morning air from the window. I am simply energy in the form of mass.

Defining all beings, and all "things" in these terms, we are constantly exchanging, moving patterns of tiny particles; weaving the web that gives the world its appearance, and all the sensibilities that notice and experience that world.

Honoring the grace and magnificence of this cosmic dance in all beings and 'nonbeings.' Namaste.

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