Friday, June 11, 2010

Authentic Connection

Fear is mostly what holds us back from most things. Letting ourselves share the places that are uninhibited, unprotected, perhaps even unknown, requires that we set that fear aside or see through it.

This morning I chanted Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya (may I surrender to that which sustains me) at the close of my practice and meditation and found myself letting go into that space where edges vanish. When I checked in later on the computer, there was a deeply moving entry by a friend who is exploring anatomy using a human cadaver. She has been profoundly changed to realize that the body is the mechanism given us in order that we might experience the breath and energy that surrounds us at all times. Her poetic exploration and her need to expose her experience to the light and breath of her sadhana (yogic community) touch me beyond words.

We do not live alone. Our individual bodies are but our way of experiencing that which is truly universal. Sea turtles share cellular structures, cats and halibut share nuclear proteins, and the intricate branching of my own arteries and veins are alive in you too. Whoever you are on the outside, your heart functions to the same purpose as that of the hummingbird, at a different speed.

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  1. Hello, I'm really enjoying exploring your blog, reading about yoga and oneness. I'm a latecomer to yoga. This is my first foray into yoga but it's been something that has been calling out to me for a while. I'd like to use 21.5.800 and 30 days with Marianne Elliot to establish a regular yoga practice. I love the way it's much more than just a physical practice.

    I'm very glad to know you.